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[Owner] Ashiya a posted May 20, 16

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Plans for PokePact

[Owner] Ashiya a posted Jul 22, 17

Since Pixelmon servers are still able to continue running, I want to keep the server up for anyone that wishes to continue playing pixelmon. If we are able to reach atleast $50 donations by August 11th, I will be able to work things out and keep the server up and running. If not, we will be transforming the server into Sky Factory 2.5

Turtle_Chicken wait did it die
Turtle_Chicken so do we still have today to get the donations or is it turning today
MUELLER_13 So is it still able to run past this month or no?

In preparation for the day where the server will be forcibly shut down due to the recent C&D order on Pixelmon, I'd like for our community to move onto another modpack where we can continue to enjoy with our friends here.

Here's the strawpoll where you can vote on what modpack you'd like the server to have.

What modpack(s) do you want to play on the server? [Poll]


[Owner] Ashiya a posted Jul 14, 17

As you may have heard, the Pixelmon team was shut down by Nintendo, so there will be no more updates. Though I plan to keep the server running, it could be shut down at any time. When that happens, I plan to try running the server off a different modpack based on what you guys want. So let me know that in the comments below or on discord feedback channel. Although it's not the end yet, I'd like to thank everyone for the support over the 3 years PokePact has been running.

Let's see what happens and make the best out of it.


[Owner] Ashiya a posted Jul 12, 17

In celebration of summer vacation, we're gonna have some events!

Daily log-in bonus: /kit daily (32 Ultra Balls, 5 Rare Candies, 5 Diamond Blocks, 1 Shiny Token)

- Redeemable every 24 hours!

In-game events: Scavenger hunts, Hide&Seek, Mini-games...etc (Will be determined by the Admin hosting)

Donation Store Sale: 20% off every item in the donation store!

Tournaments: (Once we get enough people to participate that is)

If you have any feedbacks for the server or ideas you'd like to see implemented on the server, leave a comment below or on the feedback section of our discord. We try our hardest to make your time on the server enjoyable!

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