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[Owner] Ashiya a posted May 20, 16

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[Owner] Ashiya a posted May 24, 17

UPDATE: Tournament will be rescheduled to a later date to give players time to prepare

Date: TBD @ 4 PM EST
Eligibility: Anyone can sign up (Note: this is competitive, make sure to train and item properly)

Players are expected to be present for the start of a tournament and each of its component rounds and matches. Players who arrive more than 10 minutes late for any round will be disqualified.

Battle Rules
- 3 v 3 
- Double Elimination
- 2 Loss = Disqualify
- Sleep Clause - You lose if, at the end of your turn, two of your opponent's Pokemon were put to sleep by a move you used but were not forced into, and neither have had their sleep removed since then.
- Evasion Clause - A Pokemon may not have the moves Double Team or Minimize in its moveset.
- Species Clause - A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
- OHKO Clause - A Pokemon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.
- Level Cap : 60
- Ban list: Ubers tier list (Note: We will be following smogon's tier list)

Sign up in the comments below

If you guys feel this is too early or not enough people sign up, we will push it back and have a different event instead.

Turtle_Chicken where has it has been moved to
[Gym] soulpentdragon Original_Festive, we should also consider pushing it back
Ikarinoken / ERIC I think we should push it back but ill leave this to the server, but the reason is because we just started and some peop...

Just wanted to update everyone on what's happening on the server and some new systems I've put in place.

Npc Gyms:

There will be TWO sets of Npc gyms, one at normal difficulty and the other at a harder difficulty. Defeating each Npc gymleader will award you with a badge, rare candies, and pokedollars.


Shrines will be spawned in by me every week or two depending on their availability in their respective biomes. This way the legendary birds will retain their value as a legendary and won't be tossed around like they were before.


Our first tournament will be 2 weeks from now, on the 27th of May. More information will be posted as we approach that date. 


We are working on rewarding active players with kits purchasable with pokedollars, we currently added a /kit Daily which is a kit anyone can redeem once a day. So keep an eye on the kits you are able to receive using the command /kits.

Hello everyone, server is up and running! 

Just wanted to thank you everyone that supported this server in the past, I understand it's unfortunate that we had to do a complete data wipe. I hope everyone will continue to support the server and I will try my best to make this the last wipe we will have.

Everything seems steady so far but if you encounter any bugs/glitches please leave a message under #reports on discord or make a post on our forums.

We are still missing some server features but I plan to have them done by next week so we can move on to more exciting things like tournaments and drop parties.


[Owner] Ashiya a posted May 11, 17

Welp, minecraft authentication servers are down. Looks like I won't be finishing on time.

Sorry about that guys, expect the server to be up and running tomorrow, May 12.

AsianTech Error i got: The game crashed whilst there was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail Erro...
AsianTech i did forge download mod etc but when i launched it i got a error at 2/7 on the screen. i tried setting my ram to 2G sti...
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